A Mural by the Lake City Leaders

A group of local students from Lake City Leaders recently painted a beautiful mural in our food bank breezeway where clients gather on food distribution days.  Lake City Leaders is an organization that teaches leadership and service, and we are very grateful for their volunteer efforts creating the mural and bringing joy to the community.  When clients line up to go through the food line, they can now feel the colorful warmth of the mural designed by and brought to life by the youth group.

Lake City Leaders wanted a few highlights of the mural to stand out.  The center of the mural depicts a half lion/half zebra to show the power and strength of diversity. The youth painted a house that has the word ‘home’ in twenty-four languages to show the importance of being inclusive and how everyone should feel at home here. The hands signify the ‘helping hand’ that North Helpline is to our neighbors in the community. There is also a hot air balloon with the word ‘UNITY’ written on a banner to symbolize the rise of unity.

Diana is one of the Lake City Leaders who hopes the mural shines as a positive light for people who come to the food bank. She said, “Art can be seen in different ways for all different types of people and I hope everyone gets something out of it”.  Isabelle said, “Art is a powerful way to give meaning to things.”

The clients have had an incredibly positive reaction. One client was waiting in line, looking at the ground. Suddenly, he saw something to his left and started to turn his head. He slowly walked backward until he could see the whole mural. A smile crept over his face as he realized what these kids had created for him. Also, a number of our clients who speak other languages have been seen looking over, surprised. Their eyes get wide and they start to smile when they see their own language represented on the house. Check out our video here!