Use As Directed: Choosing Between Food and Medicine

Bobbie first found out about North Helpline on Christmas Day in 2013 when she helped a blind person to get to the food bank.  Later, Bobbie had financial needs and became a food bank client.  At her low point, not only was her house flooding, she also found out she had breast cancer.  Bobbie had the cancer removed before it had a chance to spread, but healing from the surgery was expensive.  Like many seniors, she was prescribed a daily life-saving medication.  Her situation forced her to take the pill every other day to stretch her dollars.  She said, “When I went to the food bank, not having to spend money on food made it so I could take my medication every day.”

Bobbie served on the board at North Helpline, and she proudly sees from both the client and volunteer perspectives.  She continues to rely on the food bank, and she notes that people who use the food bank do not always have the outward appearance of being financially vulnerable.  “You can’t judge somebody based on what they look like.  Unless they tell you, you don’t know what their situation is.”

The food bank helps people like Bobbie save money for other vital expenses.  North Helpline makes sure clients have food on the table and a roof overhead, and we know that clients often need the services of other community partners in order to meet their health care needs.  We don’t always know the client’s unique circumstances, but we know that the food bank makes a difference.