Ellie’s Lemonade Stand

When she was five, Ellie decided to hold a lemonade stand and bake sale to raise money for the food bank in Bitter Lake. Now ten years old, Ellie continued the tradition on August 26, raising more than $2,000 for North Helpline.  Together with her friends Annabelle and Sadie, and with extra encouragement from her grandparents, Ellie (featured on the right in the photo below) brought the whole neighborhood together to support our neighbors in need.

North Helpline has always been powered by volunteers, and we were really blown away by Ellie’s fundraising efforts.  The money donated will help the food bank in Bitter Lake to distribute food to clients, the majority of whom are senior citizens.  We at North Helpline are both grateful and impressed, because Ellie and her friends perfectly represent our values of neighbors helping neighbors.